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South African, Indian Curry Powder, Masala.

Hand selected herbs and spices, roasted, ground and authentically blended too traditional Indian Masala recipes of South Africa.

The cuisine of South Africa reflects the diversity of various ethnic groups. The culinary traditions of Indian cooking has long been a strong influence. Thus great care has been taken to hand select herbs and spices to authenticate the curry powder, masala to the desired tastes of each province of South Africa. Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, cities with their own local style and personal preference have adapted their own unique blends and the flavour and aromatics of all are delicious. Durban, influenced by the Tamil, is known for a more pungent, hot chilli curry. Johannesburg, medium chilli, rich sauce curry, similar in flavour to Durban. Cape Town, populated by the Malay, created a mild chilli, tumeric style curry. A few other favourites are a Gourmet blend of Garam Masala-Paprika Curry Powder, provides the delicious flavours and aromatics of curry with No Chilli, a unique blend that the whole family can enjoy. Tandoori Masala, use to create a delicious marinade, for all meats and vegetables. Can be cooked in the oven, BBQ or grill or simply prepare a Tandor style curry. Bengali Five Spice, adds a subtle flavour, uterlising ground herbs and spices to add with vegetable and seafood dishes. Used as an additional flavouring to curries and stews or preparing, Indian vegetable side dishes. An essential spice addition when cooking Dhal (daal) and lentil curries. And lets not forget our Biryani Masala, (18) roasted, ground herbs and spices blended for easy use in preparing this specialied dish.
We have also produced a delectable selection of pickles, chutney's and sauces, both traditional South African and Indian flavours. A delicious accompaniment to your curries or use as a condiment, relish or salsa, available seasonally.
All our products are, blended and packaged, fresh, in Queenland, Australia, too traditional and authentic South African, Indian family recipes.

FREE RECIPES- many to choose from, catergorized for your convenience. Just print your selection.

Proudly a Queensland family owned and operated business.

Hand selected, Queensland local and imported herbs & spices, blended with NO additives, preservatives, colouring, dye's or Gluten and packed fresh using natural, dried, roasted and ground herbs & spices.
idospices are Gluten free products
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