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    Catering Services

  • Self Service Buffet- from $15.00 per person 
  • Serviced Buffet- single food attendant for maintaining service of buffet- from $22.00 per person                     
  •  Minimum persons per function (25) people.                                                        
  • A) Finger Food Buffet- Select 8-10 pieces from menu.
  • B) Mixed Buffet- Select (4-6) finger foods, (2) mains and (3) sides from menu. 
  • C) Main Meal Buffet- Select (2) mains, (3) sides and (1) desert from menu.
  • D) Complete Buffet- Select (4-6) finger foods, (3) mains, (4) sides and (2) deserts from menu.

NOTE: We also accept individual dish orders. Example, if you are having a dinner party and just wish to order Breyarni (Biryani) or any other main dishes or dessert, we will make to order the dishes of your choice and pack in foil trays for you to heat and serve at your function. Call us for a price quote and delivery times for, Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

__Finger Foods:

  1. Chilli Bites
  2. Samoosa, cocktail- vegetable
  3. Curry puff, cocktail- chicken Madras
  4. Cocktail spring rolls- vegetable
  5. Sat & pepper calamari spirals
  6. Crumbed prawn cutlets
  7. Dim Sims-cocktail- chicken, seafood or vegetable
  8. Mexican beef meatball skewers
  9. Honey chicken tempura skewers
  10. Crumbed chicken and garlic bites
  11. Samoosa cocktail- beef
  12. Mini pizza
  13. Mini quiche
  14. Mini savoury pastry scrolls
  15. Vegetable fritters- Pumpkin OR Corn
  16. Val Le Vents- light crispy pastry casings with your choice of filling: Lentil & vegetable in mild curry spices OR chicken & mushroom OR Crabmeat
  17. Skewers- Choose from: Chicken- Peri Peri, Lemon & Herb OR Tandoori. Garlic prawns OR Lamb mince kebabs.


_Main Meals: South African Cuisine: 

  1. Durban Curry- HOT  Avail in chick, lamb, mutton, beef, vege, beans & Dhal.
  2. Joburg Curry- Med  Avail in chick, lamb, beef, vege, beans & Dhal.
  3. Cape Malay Curry- Mild Avail in chick, lamb, beef, vege, beans & Dhal.
  4. Breyarni- chicken, lamb or mutton- Mild-Hot (Biryani)
  5. Fish Curry- Mild-Hot
  6. Prawn Curry- Mild-Hot
  7. Bunny Chow- with your choice of curry
  8. Mielie Pap and chutney
  9. Lamb Bobotie and chutney
  10. Peri Peri chicken thigh cutlets
  11. Lemon & herb chicken thigh cutlets
  12. Peri Peri chicken livers.


  Savoury Sides:

  1. Tastic- parboiled steamed rice
  2. Yellow- turmeric steamed rice
  3. Savoury yellow rice
  4. Coconut rice
  5. Basmati steamed rice
  6. Naan Bread
  7. Roti bread

   Main Meals: Various Cuisines    

  1. Tandoori chicken cutlets
  2. Coconut fish curry- Mild-Med
  3. Chicken Tikka Masala Curry- Med
  4. Butter Chicken- Med
  5. Lamb Korma- Mild 
  6. Beef Vindaloo      
  7. Lasagne- Beef & three cheese.
  8. Creamy garlic chicken & cheese pasta bake.
  9. Chicken, olives, sundried tomato and pesto pasta. 
  10. Spanish Rice- garlic prawns, spicy sausage, spices, fresh herbs in savoury rice.                                                   
  11. Lamb & vegetable ragout casserole.                
  12. Chicken stew with mild curry spices.                               
  13. Beef stroganoff, prepared with mushrooms and rich fresh cream.
  14. Pork loin chops, oven baked in fresh cream, mild curry spices & sultanas.                    
  15. Lamb rump chops, in rich tomato chutney, olives, cracked pepper & Italian herbs.
  16. Rolled & stuffed lamb roast
  17. Rolled and spiced pork roast.
  18. Lamb shanks, slow cooked in red wine, garlic & fresh herbs.



  1. Creamy vegetable bake
  2. Cheesy potato bake
  3. Creamy mash potato
  4. Roasted garlic, herb and butter potatoes
  5. Roasted paprika & sea salt vegetables- potatoes, pumpkin or sweet potato
  6. Pumpkin, green bean & capsicum pan fried in garlic herb butter and fresh chillies.
  7. Mixed fresh vegetables including baby beetroot, roasted in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sea salt and fresh herbs.
  8. Homemade garlic and herb vienna loaf
  9. Dinner rolls & butter portions

     Salads, Pickles and Sauces

  1. Green salad- variety of green & red lettuce, cucumber, red onion, tomato & feta cheese.
  2. Cucumber Raita- plain yogurt, cucumber, garlic, lemon and spices.
  3. Sambals- diced tomato, grated carrot, onion, chilli & fresh coriander marinated in spiced vinegar.
  4. Pickles & Sauces- Vegetable pickle, Green mango pickle, Indian tomato chutney, Apricot mebos chutney, HOT Chilli sauce & sweet chilli sauce.



Extensive selection of sweets, cakes, puddings and cheesecakes available, these are some of the favourites:

  1. Bread and butter pudding, served with vanilla custard.
  2. Malva pudding, served with butterscotch sauce.
  3. Chocolate self saucing pudding.
  4. Sticky date pudding in butterscotch sauce.
  5. Melk tart.
  6. Koeksisters- Sticky syrup OR coconut Malay flavour.
Bunny Chow, filled with your favourite curry.
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